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Law Firm CFO

Reach your Financial Goals

Law Firm CFO Services

So many solo attorneys and small law firms don’t truly have an understanding of their firm and personal finances. LevLegal is on a mission to provide our clients with the financial tools they need to scale their firms to six and seven figures. We have built of team of industry-leading financial advisors, accountants, coaches, and bookkeepers who work with LevLegal clients to not only create a budget and financial plan, but help them implement the same to reach their financial goals.

CFO Level Support

A Law Firm CFO earns an average salary of $100-250K per year or more and a law firm bookkeeper and/or accountant can cost between $50-100K per year.


Working with the LevLegal team gives you CFO level support, but at a fraction of the cost. We offer affordable packages that fit your needs and budget as well as additional add-ons that allow you to grow with our team over time.

Financial Advisor

Services We Offer

Here some of the services and benefits our CFO clients enjoy:

Monthly and/or semi-monthly meetings with our team of licensed professionals

Student loan review and repayment planning with our Certified Student Loan Professional

Written budget and financial plan

An entire team of accountants and bookkeepers streamlining your financial operations while you focus on growing and scaling your firm

Exclusive pricing and discounts on other LevLegal services

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