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Law Firm Consulting

Streamline your Firm's Processes

Law Firm Consulting Services

Below are just a few of the areas where our consultants can be of assistance to you, serving attorneys and law firms nationwide.

How We Can Help

Billing Assistance & Bookkeeping - Are you behind on your billing? We can help you run bills, review bills, bill clients, craft billing entries, follow up on outstanding invoices, etc. We can also help with your trust accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Case Management Software Consulting -  having the right software and tools to run your practice is important. We will work with you to find the best software to fit your practice needs and help you get the chosen software implemented. Our consultants are experienced and trained in most of the leading practice management software options.

Workflows & Automation - imagine how much you can get done if your firm is put on autopilot. The OTPS team will help you systemize and automate your firm. This includes helping you fully utilize your case management software to create templates and workflows that reduce time and save you money.

Office Setup & Organization - whether you’re opening your first office or need help organizing the mess at your current space, we will come to you and help make your space more functional and organized. Our services include office design/planning, decorating, general space reorganization, filing, etc

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