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How Can Your Firm Benefit From Outsourcing To A Virtual Paralegal

It used to be that outsourcing was something only large, well-established firms could afford to cut their costs and increase their efficiency. But in today’s modern age, smaller and mid-sized firms are just as capable of outsourcing their case work to virtual paralegals. These benefits can go beyond just increasing your firm’s efficiency, here we’ve listed the top four benefits of hiring virtual paralegals.

Saving On Salary Costs

With a virtual paralegal, you can save up to 50% off of potential salary costs. That’s because you don’t need to worry about setting them up as a full-time employee with all the taxes and benefits that such a role comes with. They are classed as an independent contractor, and you only need to pay them for the work and time that they do.

Thus, you can save money that you can then reinvest into your business and increase your firm’s efficiency.

Save On Taxes And Other Fringe Benefits

As stated above, virtual paralegals are classed as freelancers, rather than actual employees of your business. Given that, you don’t need to pay for employment taxes, health insurance, office overhead, and other related fringe benefits. Additionally, using freelancers can be used as a tax write-off.

Save On Office Space And IT

When you hire virtual paralegals, there’s no need for you to have to expand your office to accommodate the extra bodies. There’s also no need for you to have to invest in and purchase equipment for your paralegals, or need to provide them with other potentially expensive work-related equipment, such as mobile phones.

Get More Things Done

It’s vital to recognize that firms that specialize in the outsourcing of paralegal work are incredibly efficient about what they do. Often, their virtual paralegals can accomplish a task quicker and, thus, more efficiently than an in-house paralegal. Therefore, you’re likely to get more done in a short period of time by utilizing their services.

To add onto this, you can often hire more than one virtual paralegal for the cost of hiring a single in-house paralegal. This will help further boost your firm’s productivity and efficiency.

Whether you’re considering outsourcing to virtual paralegals or are working on vetting a reliable agency, Lev-Legal should be at the top of your list. Our virtual paralegals of decades of work experience in the legal field. Visit us online today to schedule a consultation!


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